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Raw Emerald Charm

Raw Emerald Charm

Imperfection makes beauty. These emeralds naturally come on a cilinder shape. We mount them with their marks, differences in colors, and textures as an ode to the very special conditions that need to happen for an emerald to occur.  Each natural rock is unique, which means your rock is one of a kind. Colombian geography and physicochemical conditions create emeralds of exceptional rarity, beauty, and enduring elegance which makes them highly valued nationally and internationally.  This ensures a truly remarkable and timeless jewel.


Size and color is similar to the rock in display, however, each rock is unique. 


18k Solid Gold:
Durable and sturdy, the most precious metal.


Hours of Craftsmanship:
Each stone is hand-set by our master artisans. To create this piece, we invest 8 hours of craftsmanship.


Delivery Time:
25 business days. Exceptional beauty takes time. 


*Charm comes with a 44cm stainless steel chain.  


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